Twitch Emote

30 USD per Emote


Half Body: 50 USD
Half Body x2: 80 USD
includes a simple or transparent background
prices may vary on complexity

Full Color

Bust: 75 USDHalf Body: 100 USD
Full Body: 150 USD
Half Body x2: 185 USD
Full Body x2: 250 USD
includes a simple or transparent background
prices may vary on complexity


Half Body: 185 USD
Fully Body: 225 USD
Half Body x2: 270 USD
Full Body x2: 315 USD
includes a detailed background
prices may vary on complexity

Please make sure you read my Terms and Conditions before filling out the form on ko-fiIf you have any questions, feel free to message me on Twitter or Discord on_zhere#1953

By commissioning me you automatically agree on my Terms and Conditions.
Please read carefully before commissioning me.
General Information★ All transactions must be made through PayPal or through Ko-Fi Commission forms. (I will send you an invoice if we decide to go through PayPal)★ I have the right to refuse a commission or changes to the commission if it makes me uncomfortable.★ All personal information will be kept private and confidential.★ Please contact me through Discord and or Twitter. It’s hard for me to properly
communicate through email.
I will not draw: NSFW, Fetishes, Robots/Mechas, Too Overly Complex Backgrounds, Any form of Abuse

Image Rights and Usage★ I reserve full rights to the image and its distribution and use. My art may not be made into merchandise without my permission. If we agree upon making merchandise, I receive part of the profit through royalty (a percentage of the profit). My art may NEVER be minted (NFT or any crypto currency).★ I reserve the right to display any commissioned image(s) on any of my websites or my portfolio.★ The client must not claim my work as their own.★ Yes, you may use the image as a banner, profile picture, etc. as long as you give me credit. Please notify me via discord, email, and or twitter if it's used on a website I do not use.★ Do not post the image on any of your social media, I’d very much prefer you reblogged it from me unless you have permission from me. If you receive permission you must notify and credit me.

Payment★ All commissions are PayPal or Ko-fi Commission Forms. With PayPal payments are made via PayPal invoices, which I will send to the client once the price and details of the commission(s) have been determined. Prices may vary on difficulty.★ I will give the client a week to make the payment unless we discussed otherwise.★ I reserve the right to cancel and or refund (not guaranteed) a commission at any time, with prior notification to the client, due to poor communication, rude/inappropriate behavior, or any kind of abuse.★ I must receive payment before starting the commission. If the amount is above $200,
you have the option to pay 50% upfront and 50% after I reach the halfway point.
I require both payments before finishing the project.
★ Refunds can be requested at any time but keep in mind you may not receive a full
refund due to the following:
☆ If I have started your piece and you request a refund past the sketch phase, you will only receive part of what you paid for.☆ If you ask for a refund before I have started, you will receive a full refund.☆ I will refund you if I am unable to get to your piece in a reasonable amount of
time and I will notify you.

Commission Procedures★ I will not accept commissions without image references unless I am very comfortable with the request. Without a reference, the client may not be fully satisfied with the concept which makes it very difficult for both sides.★ I will allow changes unless it becomes too many especially pass the coloring phase. You get 1 major change free after that I will ask for extra payment.★ I will always keep you updated on the piece with screenshots.★ I will send you the piece through discord or twitter. Note twitter does not give the full rez image I will send you the full rez file upon request through email.